Our Focus Areas

Destination Marketing

We are uniquely positioned to utilize our knowledge and expertise to brand, position and promote Kenya as the destination of choice for the American traveler.We have a deep knowledge of Kenya’s attractions, hospitality industry, hotels, restaurants, sporting facilities and the general Kenyan community through many years of promoting the Kenyan culture and brand to a wide range of audiences in the USA

Cultural Tours
The Brand Kenya Board is tasked with the responsibility of identifying and refining the key attributes of Kenya, that contribute positively to the image and reputation of the Nation
Volunteering and Exchange
With an aim to support cross cultural exchanges with the help of local and international volunteers, KenAfrica will offer a number of American volunteer opportunities throughout the community including work at schools, colleges, universities and hospitals

What People Say

Allan Kinyua
Allan Kinyua Field Photographer, Kenafrica
Don't turn away from your dreams just because you can't see them yet

During my time working for Kenafrica, I have had the privilege of interacting with difference cultures and appreciating their value to our society. Further, I have an amazing opportunity to work with an amazing staff as we all work to fulfill our dreams thanks to the platform offered by Kenafrica

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