Who We Are

KenAfrica was founded in 2004 with the goal of helping and supporting primary producers and exporters of farm products ( in particular coffee, tea, flowers and fruits),artisans making handicrafts, beads, baskets and authentic African apparel link up with buyers and customers in the United States of America and other developed markets.

We employ both traditional and digital marketing techniques to achieve these objectives


KenAfrica seeks to link Africa to the rest of the world by offering and promoting diverse integrated cultural and social exchanges and experiences among people from outside and within Africa and with the Kenyan and East African people and institutions. KenAfrica will promote educational, social and cultural interaction among schools, universities, faith based organizations, social and fraternal organizations as well as clubs.


1. Cultural Ambassador: Articulating Kenyan culture to Americans and assisting Americans articulate theirs to Kenyans. This will be in the form of discussions, students exchange visits, social cultural forums, blogs, social media, and other means of providing educational material to clients etc.

2. Selling Kenyan Fashion – African curios and artifacts, traditional wear incorporating more advanced concepts, formal or semi formal clothes that can be worn anywhere but have some African roots.

3. Tours and Travels directed towards realization and enhancement of the social cultural experience outlined above.

Our Focus Areas

Cultural Tours

Teacher Volunteering and Student Exchange Programs


Destination Marketing

African Products

Our Products and Services

  • Advertising

  • Branding

  • Promotional Events

  • Trade Fairs

  • Media & Public Relations

  • Strategic Partnerships

Cultural Tours

The Brand Kenya Board is tasked with the responsibility of identifying and refining the key attributes of Kenya, that contribute positively to the image and reputation of the Nation. Our goal is to enhance these characteristics and create an authentic, credible brand for the country that establishes our uniqueness in the global arena.

Athletics, culture, tourism, horticulture, development in ICT, telecommunication, education and our heritage can contribute generously towards improving the country’s attractiveness to holiday makers, nature conservationists, artists, investors and other nationals who would like to make Kenya their home.
The board would like Kenya to be internationally recognized for its land, people, natural resources and its position as a key player in East Africa’s regional socio-economic development. A strong, believable and easily recognizable brand makes all the difference when it comes to attracting positive attention or getting none at all.

KenAfrica proposes to provide mutual cultural awareness and development of American and Kenyan people and to enhance a corrected and more accurate view of Africa, Africans and Americans among themselves’. We envisage a key by-product of this endeavor being the promotion and increase of tourism from America to Kenya and the wider East Africa region.

KenAfrica has established a commercial vehicle (KenAfrica Tours ) to provide individual and group travel and leisure to clients. These services and products will initially include pre-arranged tours, lodging reservations, camping and other related services. KenAfrica campsite seeks to differentiate itself as a premier adventure travel in the greater Mt. Kenya region and Nairobi.

Destination Marketing

We are uniquely positioned to utilize our knowledge and expertise to brand, position and promote Kenya as the destination of choice for the American traveler. We have a deep knowledge of Kenya’s attractions, hospitality industry, hotels, restaurants, sporting facilities and the general Kenyan community through many years of promoting the Kenyan culture and brand to a wide range of audiences in the USA.

Past Marketing Activities: Over the past 12 years we have hosted cultural and marketing events in diverse cities in the USA. We have a dedicated team of highly experienced staff who have been at the forefront of showcasing and promoting the Kenyan brand and culture throughout the USA.

Our Vision: We envisage KenAfica being a leader in promoting access to advanced economies markets to Kenya primary farm producers and artisans with a significant market share in the next 5 years

Perception by the Market: It is our desire over the long-term to perceived by our clients as a caring and empathetic organisation that understands their key concerns and is able and willing to address them to the full satisfaction of these clients.

Our ideal customers: Our ideal customers are the farmers toiling in the coffee and tea farms and the artisans braving the hot African sun to grow and tend to their produce and handicrafts and who have historically not seen much benefit from their hard work and effort.