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Teacher Volunteering and Student Exchange Programs

With an aim to support cross cultural exchanges with the help of local and international volunteers, KenAfrica will offer a number of American volunteer opportunities throughout the community including work at schools, colleges, universities and hospitals.

KenAfrica believes that there is nothing more special than sharing knowledge. American Volunteers are part of an exchange of arts, culture and knowledge.

During the short term breaks April and December, the Teachers will travel to Kenya before the schools closed. The most exciting and rewarding is our long term volunteering programs during summer break (between June, July and August) .

Volunteers will choose what they wish to be can be involved in cultural exchange, evangelism, community health, education and community outreach programs.

KenAfrica You will give you the chance to travel and learn about different cultures and to help those who are less fortunate. In Kenya you will help children and young adults who have had a difficult start in their lives and may have special needs, and in Africa you will be able to contribute to the fight against poverty and diseases.

Students will experience new cultures, ways of life and have a chance to appreciate what other students go through on a daily basis through Kenafrica Exchange Programs.

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